2018 Webb Warm Up- Tournament Results

2 Player Scramble + Better Ball
Flighted after play. 

Championship Flight
Player 1 Player 2 Total Place
Brent Struthers Millard Callicott 58 1st Place
Robert McCusker Chris Conroy 60 2nd Place
Marc Crawford Danny Simoneaux 62 3rd Place
Danny Nelson Scott Wilfong 62 4th Place
Tre’ Simmons Tony Van Duzee 64
Mpho Mmopi Randall Little 65
Justin Hernandez Ryan Kyle 66
Jack Terry Charles Marquette 66
Heath Hennigan Cory Lemone 66
Chuck Ellis Chase Ellis 67
David Hoffmann Daniel Hoffmann 67
First Flight
Player 1 Player 2 Total Place
Jason Miller Joey Suhayda 68 1st Place
Terry Ledet David Millet 69 2nd Place
Phil Watson Bill Watson 70 3rd Place
Russel Altazan Kerry Dantoni 71 4th Place
Mike Thomas Reynold Welch 71
Daron Ourso Allen Thornton 72
Brian Didier Doyle Granier 72
Brian Barger Chris Kieren 73
Charles Morris Tim Morris 76
John Ferguson Michael Tanner 78

This tournament had Player of the Year implications. Visit the Player of the Year page to see the full scores to date.