Player of the Year

An actual Cool Front entered Saturday’s play early in the round to force play to halt after the field had gone about 9 holes in the Dumas Championship.  Picking up Sunday morning, play finished out to an exciting conclusion where Michael McDonald and Landon Covington tied for the Championship at 3 under.  McDonald prevailed in the play-off.  But within the tournament was another component involving the effort to gain points for the Player of the Year.  With the Amateur as the lone remaining tournament prior to the Player’s Championship, the Dumas Championship picked up more importance as a way to move further up in the standings should players find the challenge of the Amateur not fully to their advantage. It is now about positioning going into the Players.  It is definitely a horse race now.  Click below to see the current standings.

PLayer of Year following Dumas Championship: PLR of Yr Pts 2017 After Dumas Champ 

Each year, BREC crowns the Player of the Year. Golfers who compete in BREC’s 2017 Tournaments.

The Player of the Year Points this year are particularly designed to award top level play.  Points are designed for 18 hole events, 36 holes events, and the Player of the Year event.  Copy of Player of the Year Points for 2017 PDF <Click



Nov 13th

Nov 27th


City Park

City Park

Event Name

Player’s Fall Series

Harry Neese Memorial

# of Holes



Points for Event:  Click each


2016 Harry Neese Memorial Player Yr and Results PDF

Running Total for the Year

11 – Feb City Park City Park Ice Breaker 18  Player Yr Pts Icebreaker 2017   
25 – Feb Webb Mardi Gras Mania 18  Mardi Gras Mania Pl Yr Pts PDF  
March 11/12 City Park City Park Championship 36  City Park Championship 2017 Results & Points PDF  
25 – March Dumas Dumas Spring Warm Up 18  Dumas Spring Scramble Results PDF
April 8/9 Webb Webb Championship 36 PLayer of Year following Webb Champ PDF  See below
May 21/22 Beaver Creek Plainsman 4 Ball 36  Player of the Year Points for Plainsman
July 15/16 Santa Maria BR Open / Sr Open 36  Player Yr Points for Baton Rouge Open PDF
July 29/30 Dumas  Dumas Championship 36   PLR of Yr Pts 2017 After Dumas Champ
19 – Aug Beaver Creek BR Amateur Multi
Oct 28/29 Beaver Creek Players Championship 36

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Previous Players of the Year

2007 Travis Coxe

2008 Tommy Garitty

2009 Ben Wheeler

2010 Gayle Sanchez

2011 Donny Schmit

2012 Brett Baker

2013 Blaine Patin

2014 Dante Caldera

2015 Shane Starns

2016 Scott Haynie