Player of the Year

Each year, BREC crowns the Player of the Year based on performance in the designated tournaments. The points race begins in the Fall of each year and runs through late summer the following year.

Player of the Year runs from the Harry Neese tournament in the Fall through the Baton Rouge Amateur. Player of the Year will be awarded after the conclusion of the Baton Rouge Amateur.

To learn more about the Player of the Year competition, download the 2018 BREC Player of the Year Points System

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The Dumas Tin Cup 2-player scramble on 5/19 & 5/20 will earn BREC Player of the Year points because it replaced the Dumas Spring Scramble, a Player of the Year points tournament, on the BREC tournament schedule.

2017-2018 Player of the Year Standings

Updated: July 17, 2018
Most Recent Tournament: Baton Rouge Open & Senior Open

Top Players
Place Name Points Total
1 Robert McCusker 2335
2 Kevin Landry 1950
3 Marc Crawford 1930
4 Danny Simoneaux 1915
5 Scott Haynie 1665
6 Jason Miller 1465
7 Danny Nelson 1330
8 Robbie White 1245
9 Randall Little 1200
10 David Knight 1180
11 Scott Wilfong 1045
12 Tre Simmons 1040
13 Landon Covington 1030
13 David Millet 1030
15 Warren Huffty 980
16 Chris Conroy 920
17 Chuck Ellis 885
18 Jack Terry 870
19 David Hoffmann 860
20 Joey Suhayda 825
Click here to download full 2018 Player of the Year Points and Standings

Previous Players of the Year

2007: Travis Coxe
2008: Tommy Garitty
2009: Ben Wheeler
2010: Gayle Sanchez
2011: Donny Schmit
2012: Brett Baker
2013: Blaine Patin
2014: Dante Caldera
2015: Shane Starns
2016: Scott Haynie
2017: Jordan Hollingsworth 


Previous Year Standings:

2016-2017 Player of the Year Final Results