Who designed BREC Golf Courses? Might be really surprised!

Compared to many cities within the USA that have public courses owned and operated by the Parks & Rec… BREC actually has a lot of famous architects involved in its history.  One that the citizen golfers of Baton Rouge can be proud of.

Craig Schreiner is a golf course architect that has designed or renovated over two dozen courses nationally.  Schreiner designed and built Beaver Creek.  He also did a complete renovation and building of J S Clark Golf Course; he has done several First Tees nationally.  He also did some renovation on City Park Golf Course by reconstructing two holes, adding irrigation, and installing tiff dwarf in the greens.

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Tom Bendelow is one of the reasons City Park Golf Course is referred to as Historic City Park Golf Course.  Bendelow came over from Scotland during the time golf was beginning to be played in the USA.  Contributing to the growth of golf, Bendelow may have been the most prolific golf course designer and builder ever.  Bendelow has several courses that have hosted PGA, US Open, and Ryder Cup events.  City Park was one of the last courses he designed.  His name and stature in the game is enormous.

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Robert Trent Jones is basically the icon of American golf course designers.  Easily recognized by golfers who seek out great challenges, Jones has designed and built some of the best courses in the country. Only two courses in Louisiana have his signature, and one is here in Baton Rouge – Santa Maria Golf Course.  Supremely symbolic of his style, this golf course meets the standard of his basic philosophy… par is a good score.

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We are starting to get some warmer days in our rotation of days ideal for playing golf… here is some quick info that will help:

NEW CLINICS: BREC is offering short game clinics for beginners & newcomers! click here to see>Flier for Clinics by Managers

Rules of Golf:  Pay attention where you tee off from when playing your round.  If you play from the wrong tee marker or from in front of them, you must re-tee and take a two shot penalty.  So don’t get upset when your fellow competitors call it on you… it’s their duty.

Learn how to play golf Programming : There are some Orientations coming up to attend if you wish to find  all about our golfing opportunities… Click -> I want to learn how to play golf

Say what?  The USGA is considering some major revision to the rules!  If you haven’t been in the loop recently, the USGA and Royal Ancient have instituted… a discussion, so to speak… about revising some long standing rules that perhaps need some… well, revisions.  They are asking the public to enter into the mix and provide some feedback.  Now is your opportunity: 

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Golf Advisor shows BREC Course #1 & New USGA Rules

USGA and Royal Ancient are considering new rule changes.

You can visit and see the “new rules” begin tossed about by the USGA and RA.  We encourage golfers to get involved in the dialog with the USGA.

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What’s going on at Howell?

As part of the effort to create a new 10-year strategic plan for the park system, BREC commissioned the National Golf Foundation (NGF) in May 2014 to conduct a study of all seven courses as well as the administrative practices of the golf department. In December 2014, the NGF released its recommendations to improve the BREC golf operation including increasing the quality of maintenance, improving the physical condition of the courses and clubhouses and pursuing repurposing two courses. Click here to read the full NGF report.  

As a trusted public entity, BREC knew it needed to utilize the transform the Howell golf course land into something that the community would use and embrace.  BREC held public meetings throughout 2015 and developed a comprehensive plan to turn Howell Golf Course into an expanded Howell Community Park. In 2016, plans were set in motion to successfully transition the golf program to the new community park and plans were finalized, including contractors. BREC kept the course open until construction was ready to begin.

BREC Golf planned to close the course on Labor Day weekend with a big bang, including a tournament and play day. Unfortunately, due to the Flood of 2016, Howell Golf Course was damaged beyond immediate repair, and the decision was made to move forward with the groundbreaking for the expanded Howell Community Park. Ground will be broken Sept. 23, 2016 at 3 p.m. for the expanded community park. While we are sad to see Howell go, we know that this move is what is most desired and needed for the surrounding community. We are very excited about the plans approved by the public for the expanded and reimagined park. Those plans can be found by clicking here.

Staff, equipment and other resources from Howell will all be reallocated to other BREC courses, further increasing the quality play at BREC’s six remaining golf courses. If you have any questions about the Howell transition, please contact Mike Raby at We look forward to continuing to serve you at our six wonderful courses.