4-Ball Challenge 2024 – Tournament Results – BREC Golf

4-Ball Challenge 2024 – Tournament Results

Congratulations to John Henchy & Chad Braud on winning the BREC 4-Ball Challenge tournament today at Beaver Creek GC in Zachary.  John and Chad won in a scorecard playoff over Brandt Garon & Schuyler Cotten after both teams posted a 6 under par 66 scores.  Both teams had 32 strokes on the front nine and 34 on the back nine.  John and Chad won the tiebreaker with the lower score on the last six holes.The tournament was very competitive with fourteen teams scoring between 66 and 69.  Many tiebreakers came into play in the Championship and First flights.  Gayle Sanchez & Jim Adams came in third place, one shot back at 67 along with the team of Jon Gussfeld & Clay Pinson who finished fourth.  The four-way tie at 4-under par 68 included the teams of Clayton Brown & Seth Holley, Kyle & Blake Gautreaux, Robbie White & Craig Rose, and Wes Watts & Rick Hagan.Josh Tucker & Drew Prieto won the First Flight and Andrew Schneider & Adam Fontenot won the Second Flight.

Championship Flight
1John Henchy-Chad Braud323466
2Brandt Garon-Schuyler Cotten323466
3Gayle Sanchez-Jim Adams333467
4Jon Gussfeld-Clay Pinson333467
5Clayton Brown-Seth Holley343468
6Kyle Gautreaux-Blake Gautreaux343468
6Robbie White-Craig Rose343468
6Wes Watts-Rick Hagan333568
9Randall Little-Wendell Akins353469
9Kyle Wells-Chase Beadle353469
9Danny Nelson-Scott Wilfong343569
9Trey Neck – Connor Lynch333669
First Flight
1Josh Tucker-Drew Prieto333669
2Chris Maranto-Dennis Maranto333669
3Ken Collins-Blake Watts363470
4Steve Frederick-Matt Tucker363470
5Nick Manely-Brek Balantine363571
6Jacob Maranto-Shane Holley363571
7David Bennett-Cullen Dupuy353671
8Dennis Brown-Keith Carter353671
9Logan Holmes-Patrick Holmes373572
10Frank Schroeder-Daryl Schroeder373572
11Gabe Landry-Kenneth Landry353772
12Cameron Weber-Thad Weber353772
Second Flight
1Andrew Schneider-Adam Fontenot373673
2Beau Trabeau-Brody Trabeau343973
3Chris Kieren-Brian Barger403474
4Austin Cope-Chris Buckley373774
5Sammy Ester-Sammy Ester JR363874
6Terry Ledet- David Millet353974
7Chandler Reeves-Thomas Lawrence393776
8Stephen Maciasz-James Walker403777
9Tim Edens-Austin Edens384078
10Ben Fontenot-Kirk Soileau404080
11Jordan Thompson-Bryan Phenix414081
12Danial Wesley-Landon EreckwoletNC