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Baton Rouge Senior Open – Tournament Results

Congratulations to Wendell Akins on winning the 2023 Baton Rouge Senior Open today at Beaver Creek golf course. Wendell shot 3-under par on the back nine to post a Sunday 1-under par 71 and a 5-under par 36-hole total of 139. That was good for a two-shot victory.David Knight shot a 2-under par 70 on Sunday to finish tied with Bob McCusker in second place at 1-under par 141. Wes Watts, Danny Simoneaux, and Tate Zyroll tied for 4th place at 1-under par 143. Danny Nelson finished in 7th place, the only player finishing at even par 144.

Congratulations to Paul Castro on winning the Super Senior Division of the 2023 Baton Rouge Senior Open. Paul’s Sunday 1-under par 71 was his second consecutive under par round at Beaver Creek and got him to a 36-hole total of 7-under par 137 and a four-shot victory. Pat Lambert shot even par on Sunday to finish in 2nd place with a 3-under par 141 total. Frank Schroeder came in 3rd with an even par 144 total. Wayne Knight had the low Sunday round, shooting a 3-under par 69 to finish tied with Jack Terry for 4th place at 1-over par 145.The Super Senior Division of the Baton Rouge Senior Open is for players ages 65 and over.

Senior Open Results

Wendall Akins68711391st
David Knight71701412nd
Bob McCusker68731413rd
Wes Watts72711434th
Danny Simoneaux71721435th
Tate Zyroll68751436th
Danny Nelson70741447th
Randy Goff74711458th
Chad Braud73731469th
Dennis Brown727414610th
John Henchy747414811th
Scott Haynie737514812th
Cullen Dupuy757414913th
Chuck Laudermill737614914th
Ken Miller737614915th
Darrell Lakvold 707914916th
Tim Rusk797115017th
Clay Pinson747615018th
Ryan Fabre708115119th
Rick Hagan737815120th
Chris Leonard807115121st
Kevin Grace767615222nd
Jory Comeaux787415223rd
Steve Thompson747915324th
Mark Whitehead787715525th
Tim Melancon787715526th
Patrick Broussard797615527th
David Bennett768115728th
Charlie Ritchie738515829th
Randall Little768215830th
Steve Garcia797915831st
Mitch Camp827715932nd
Todd Atchinson778316033rd
Chuck Keigly867716334th
Dean Napoli778816535th
Wendall Ashford818516636th
Robert Rabalais818516637th
Brian Barger828616838th
Marc Baronet899218139th

Super Senior Division Results

Paul Castro66711371st
Pat Lambert69721412nd
Frank Schroeder71731443rd
Wayne Knight76691454th
Jack Terry71741455th
Brad Petrie77771546th
Bob Cremeens75791547th
Mitchell Evans81751568th
Malcom Dugas76821589th
Ron Wilson 788115910th
Darrell Glasper77wd/11th
Jude Robert95wd/12th
Richard Bezet96wd/13th