Four-Ball Challenge 2023 – Tournament Results – BREC Golf

Four-Ball Challenge 2023 – Tournament Results

Congratulations to Craig Rose and Phil Frazier on winning the 2023 Four-Ball Challenge today at BREC’s Beaver Creek Golf Course. Craig and Phil shot 3-under par on the front nine and 2-under par on the back nine to win by one shot at 5-under par 67. Players had to contend with weather that started off nice, got windy, then the rain came, and it was nice again by the time the last groups finished. One shot back at 4-under par 68 were the teams of Wes Watts & Jamie Lavigne and Gayle Sanchez & John Henchy. They were one shot ahead of a big group of teams that included Pat & Logan Leary, Blake Watts & Chuck Laudermill, Brady & Kyle Bennett, Robbie White & Paul Castro, and Donte Calderra & Kyle Wells.Tim & Austin Edens won the First Flight with an even par round of 72. There finished one stroke ahead of Mike Thomas & Chris Leonard, Keith Collins & Andy Barker, and Andre Prejean & Justin Leblanc. Addison Gee and Jacob Agazzi won the Second Flight winning a tie-breaker with Ken Joslyn & Steve Foster. They were one stroke ahead of the teams of Guy Hymel & Marr Coulas and Kerry D’Antonio & Chris Dake.

Championship Flight

1Craig Rose-Phil Frazier333467
2Wes Watts-Jamie Lavigne343468
3Gayle Sanchez-John Henchy333568
4Pat Leary – Logan Leary353469
5Blake Watts – Chuck Laudermill343569
6Brady Bennett-Kyle Bennett343569
7Robbie White-Paul Castro333669
8Donte Calderra-Kyles Wells313869
9Scott Wilfong-Matthew Schneider343670
10Drew Silman-Nyles Williams353570
11Blake Gautreaux-Kyle Gautreaux353570
12Brad Schaffer-Cole Permenter353671
13Ken Collins – Jeremy Geautreaux343771

First Flight

1Tim Edens – Austin Edens383472
2Mike Thomas – Chris Leonard383573
3Keith Collins-Andy Barker363773
4Andre Prejean-Justin Leblanc363773
5Chandler Reeves-Schuyler Cotton344074
6David Millett-Terry Ledet383775
7Kenneth Landry- Gage Landry363975
8David Bennett-Cullen Dupuy354075
9Chris Kieven -Brian Barger354176
10Daniel Richard- Hunter Spedale374077
11David Ourso-Rick Lynch403777
12Justin Hernandez-Ryan Kyle393877
13James Kelly – Dale Wilkerson364177
14Hunter Cope-Elliot Aucoin403878

Second Flight

1Addison Gee – Jacob Agazzi393978
2Ken Joslyn-Steve Foster393978
3Guy Hymel -Matt Coulas423779
4Kerry D’Antonio-Chris Dake403979
5Lyle Peak-Jonathon Peak384280
6Aaron Brock- Conner Broome384381
7Brian Didier-Doyle Granier384381
8Marc Baronet-Scott Collier374683
9John Landry-Blake Lorio404383
10Austin McGrew – Charles Burkett434386
11James Lambert-Tyler Torres424486
12Christpoher Pavur- Blake Gonthier454590
13Don Black -Nolan Miller43DQDQ
14Peyton Worely- Richard Foley444892