4-Ball Challenge 2022 – Tournament Results – BREC Golf

4-Ball Challenge 2022 – Tournament Results

Congratulations to Danny Nelson and Scott Wilfong on their victory in the Four-Ball Challenge today at Beaver Creek golf course in Zachary. Danny and Scott didn’t let the wind bother them on their way to the low front nine score with a 4-under 32 and then backed it up with a 2-under par 34 on the back nine for a 6 under par total of 66. They finished one shot ahead of Kyle Wells and Dante Calderra who shot 33-34-67. Drew Silman and Nyles Williams came in 3rd at 4 under par 68. The tie-breakers worked out just right for Brandt and Chad Garon who won the 1st Flight and for Drew Cavell and Taylor Calandro who won the 2nd flight. The next BREC tournament is the two-day, 36-hole, Plainsman Better-Ball at Beaver Creek on May 14th & 15th.

Championship Flight

1Danny Nelson-Scott Wilfong323466
2Kyle Wells-Dante Calderra343367
3Drew Silman-Nyles Williams373168
4Alan Risher-John Blount363369
5Robert Wagner-Joseph LeBeau363369
6Matthew & Andrew Schneider343670
7Landon Covington -Robbie White363470
8Eric Hoffman-Jeremy Geautreaux343670
9Wes Watts-Austin Watts343670
10Mark Bienvenu-Scott Haynie363571

First Flight

1Brandt Garon-Chad Garon363571
2Mike Stackus -Dane Lambert343771
3Sklyar Cotton-Chandler Reeves373572
4Peter Mata-David Mata363672
5Ginger Covington-Sophia Macias353772
6Tim Edens-Austin Edens363773
7Tony Alfonso-Jacob Broussard353873
8David Millet-Jory Comeaux363874
9Drew Cavell-Taylor Calandro353974
10Andre Prejean-Justin Leblanc383674

Second Flight

1Drew Cavell-Taylor Calandro353974
2Blake Manola-Otto Banks373875
3Michael Robinson-Dawson Ellis373875
4Jack Terry-Charlie Marquette373875
5Nick Manly-Brec Balantine363975
6Addison Gee-Adam Chasant373976
7CJ Etheridge-Alex Almond423577
8Tanner Rouse-Jacob Brown423678
9Chris Dake -Joey Donachricha413980
10Justin Hernandez-Ryan Kyle414182
11Lyle Peak-Johnathon Peak444084
12Danny Oliver-Tom Conners414586