Junior Championship 2020 – Tournament Results – BREC Golf
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Junior Championship 2020 – Tournament Results

Gage Landry set out to defend his title as the Baton Rouge Champion.  Defend he did, and in a rather convincing manner.  Blistering a demanding front nine with a two under 34, he finished with a one over 73 to eclipse the field by a margin of 7 strokes.  The St. Amant golfer who staged a come from behind victory on the back nine in 2019, acknowledged that this year he set out with a plan to take more of a commanding role in the early goings, a plan that worked very well.

15-17 Boys
Place PlayerTotal
1Gage Landry73
2Carter Schmitt80
3Cole Jones81
4Cody Vaughn81
5Evan Luu84
6Ethan Townsend98
7Brayden SatawaDNS
14-17 Girls
Place PlayerTotal
1Isabella Lobue87
2Peyton Flynn92
12-14 Boys
Place PlayerTotal
1Nyles Williams 76
2Elliott Aucoin79
3Hudson Patin84
4Raz McRae90
5Quinn Luu92
6Hudson Hays96
7David Price113
8Graves Bayard118
9Brad Buras118
10-11 Boys
Place PlayerTotal
1Smith Mc Rae51
2Edward Centanni66
10-11 Girls
Place PlayerTotal
1Berkley Reitzell49
2Amelie Schmitt60
3Rachel Townsend66
7-9 Boys & Girls
Place PlayerTotal
1Louis Black53
2Hagen Reitzell54
3Beckett Barger69